Saturday, December 27, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

First thing that comes to my mind after seeing this movie is that the way in which the story is told reminds me of "Perfume - Story of a murderer". After watching a few scenes you strongly feel as if you were in the frame, not just sensing through your vision and ears...but as a whole. Ok, not to the extent of Perfume, but yes it does touch you.

Next thing that comes to my mind is the movie "City of God", Somehow one of the threads running through the movie reminds me of that movie, yes yes the story of Jamaal's brother.

Next thing is that (no iam not going to compare it with another movie :)) the way in which the story is being told, it starts from the present time, and weaves the story in terms of flashbacks, though we know that jamaal is alive in the present time i couldnt resist in thingking in times of situation "if jamaal would get out of it or not!!!!" silly as it may sound.. but the movie is well taken.

I just saw this movie as i couldnt find any other movie to watch... i started the movie, saw it for a while... turned it off.. as i couldnt take the reality... then again i decided to get back to it, and iam glad that i did watch the complete movie.

After completely watching the movie, i read the reviews and found that the director of the movie is a very famous British film director by name Danny Boyle and the story is adapted from a novel written by and Indian author “Q&A” by Vikas Swarup. These details you could read off any review :)

One observation that i have made is that, there is a kid who plays the role of jamaal as a kid... the kid is the polio affected kid from the movie "Taare Zameen Par". He did a fantastic job. I knew he was a good actor from the movie TZP itself.. but with this movie he has shown his talent :)

Not just the kid but all the actors in the movie were excellent... and the twist in the movie comes in just before the titls at the end and after the climax... a typical bollywoodish style song and a dance sequence ;)

Last but not the least... musical scoe is given by Mr. A R REHMAN :)

People are talking about this movie to be an Oscar movie... In my personal opinion.. some things are there which might not be up to the mark.

Nevertheless its a great movie to watch, and i strongly recommend this movie to all. some scenes are so ... (i couldnt get the word.. its not scary, not disgusting, not graphic) but will leave a strong sense of disgust against people who do uch stff....

PS: its a long post.. i know... but couldnt resist as i was writing after a very log time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feel Like God :P

I was waiting at a signal near the entrance of the Koramangala to Domulur Intermediate ring road. There is a guy on pulsar honking.. though there is a red light. Gave him way so that he can go ahead.

There goes the green light, and i was planning a 100+ on the Rind Road. I thought i will cross the pulsar and let loose the Black Pearl. 100.... 110.... and it was still going great... i gave a little more gas and i was reaching 120 :O at this time i was almost near the Pulsar fella..... I was a little adventurous and gave a little more accelerator.... and went till 125Kmph... At this moment i started to feel a little scared and stopped. And i couldnt believe my self.... 125kmph on my Avenger.

Its an Awesome feeling :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Using Gmail.

Using Gmail... come on, every one uses gmail. Whats new in that. Every one uses Gmail, but today i want to write about some of the cool features that are not so widely used in the gmail's user interface that made my mailing experience lot more simple :)

Simple only if you are a keyboard person :)

A prerequisite for the tips to work is to enable the keyboard shortcuts in the gmail page.

1. "gi" - When you are in any part of the gmail interface, reading a mail, spam box, drafts etc, you dont have to move your hand till the mouse.. and then move the mouse to the inbox link.. just type the letters "g" and "i" in succession and you will be taken to the "inbox"

2. "ga" - This option is similar to that of "gi" but this shortcut takes you to the "All" box, i.e It will take you to a place where you have all your mails, chat conversations and muted mails (more on muted mails later)

3. "c" - takes you to the Compose mail option :)

4. "Esc" you are in compose mail mode, you want to discard the current composition and get back to the inbox, when you type "gi" it is being typed in the address box or the textbox... What to do ;) for.. most of you who are familiar with VI editor, you know what to do. Just type "Esc" button and you are in to the command mode, then just type "gi" "ga" etc to go to the view that you want :)

5. "r" to reply to a mail, when you are reading some mail.

6. "a" to reply to all, while reading a mail

7. "f" to forward... i didn't have to tell that .. isn't it :)

8. "m" - You are reading a mail thread. ex. Friends gossiping on a particular topic.. or you are being dragged in to an unnecessary conversation.. you dont want to look at all those mails. what do you do.. you just "mute" it. Once you mute, those mail conversations will not appear in your inbox, if you want to view all the conversations including the muted mails, you just have to do "ga" and you have your conversations.

9. "z" - this option will undo the previous action that you have taken. For Example you have deleted a particular mail, and you want to undo that, just type "z"

10. "/" the best feature that i have found on gmail ;). Typing "/" will focus the cursor on to the search text box and from there starts the following host of tips that will make your life easier ;)

11. "/is:<label>" - typing "/" will take you to the search box, then you type "is:" followed by any of the labels that you have applied or the mail already has. Few of the default labels that you can use right away are "inbox" "spam" "chat".

12. "/from:" - Straight forward option, But this can also be used with any other search option, for example "/is:chat from:srikanth"

I thought of writing only a few useful tips, but couldn't resist from writing so many.. But this is not the end of the list, i will give a couple of them more and let you guys to explore further.

13. "*a" will select all the conversations, "*n" will unselect the selected conversations. "*u" selects all the unread conversations etc etc

14. The most important shortcut is the "?" this will give you onscreen help :P

The bestest best feature of gmail, is the usage of the mail aliases. I know that this trick is very old, but will give here for the rest of the crowd who are not aware of it.

You can append your email address, with a "+" symbol and create unlimited aliases. For example I have joined a mailing list called "runners for life". I can submit my mailing address to those guys as "" where "" is my actual mailing address.

Now create a filter in you mail options, add a new label called "rfl". The rule can set the label when ever the "to address" has "". Above all, you can now add colors to your labels ;) the colors are limited in number, but yes they are very helpful. you can search for all the conversations with this label as "/is:rfl" and you have all the mails from the mailing list :)

The advantage with the above trick is that, you can know which of the mailing list or forum has leaked your email address to the spammers :)

I have written lot of stuff, I will stop here as my movie download has completed :)

Will come back with more information :P

Thursday, July 03, 2008


One night when i was at home, getting bored... thought will add an image to my blog title.. but what to add.. Thought i will make one of my own and it appeared on my title.

Those music notes transfer to the intro of music from Harry Potter.

Ting Ting di ding ding... ding ding ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Have Been Tagged.

The rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you - Vamsi Krishna
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Here goes the 6 unspectacular quirks:

1. I Like to learn alot, Infact started learning a lot of things but most of the times drop it in between, some times as soon as i start ;)

2. I can open Locks with picks :) Inspired by james bond.

3. I always plan to tidy up my room next weekend :P

4. When i chat with some one, hmmmmm will occur more often than the actual text :)

5. I have a strange phobia to eat curd or pulpy items at places that iam not comfirtable with.

6. I like to drive bike very slowly at times, Intermediate Ring Road at 20-30k :)

Fellow Blogers that i would like to Tag. Sorry guys i could only get 2 bloggers :P Please continue to tag 6 bloggers :)

Nishant Shekar, Bhuvana, (Few more people whome i want to tag, but i dont want them to know ;) )

Friday, June 13, 2008


Its been long time that i have written. I get thoughts on a daily basis bit my work is not letting me do anything else. I keep working all day without thinking about anything, Come home with a headache and just sleep. Im not even able to continue learning what ever i have started.

That is a lot of cribbing, Will do something tomorrow.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Wikipedia says The terms afterlife or life after death refer to the continuation of existence of the soul, spirit or mind of a human (or animal) after physical death, typically in a spiritual or ghostlike afterworld.

There are many theories, spanning across all the civilizations about what happens to humans after death. Here are some of interesting destinations ;) that i have read somewhere. Here are some interesting theories :)
Good people go to heaven, Bad people go to hell.
There is abundant of food in both the places.
Both of these sects don't have elbows.

Since people in heaven are good, so they feed each other.
People in hell cant make friends, so they starve

Quiet interesting isn't it. Here is one more interesting quote from the Islam, these people have much more clear definitions of their dream destinations, of course after life.
The Islamic belief in the afterlife as stated in the Qur'an is unique, its official description is more detailed. The word used to describe Paradise in Islam is referred to as jannah and to describe Hell is jahannam. Jannah and Jahannam both have different levels. Souls will not get there until after the Judgment Day, but their level of comfort while in the grave depends on their belief in The God and hereafter, as well as their deeds during this life. The levels are 7 for Jannah and 5 for Hell.

After mentioning these quotes, i would like to present this quote, and i guess that you guys can easily relate where this comes from :)

Just as a man discards his old clothes and wears new ones; similarly the soul discards the old body and takes on a new one.

After reading through all this, you might be doubting why is this post going on, just feeding on the information from the Wikipedia. Here goes the part why i have actually started this post.

We live happily in this world, doing what ever deeds we do. I wouldn't tag them good deeds or bad deeds ;) as the amount of good is purely subjective.

Ok, coming to my point, we also do lot of things in our "other life", the "second life" or more clearly the "cyber life". We create many e-mail accounts, we manage our own websites, We register to a lot of mailing lists, We are part of Open Source projects, We create blogs, we have a lot of friends online whom we don't know personally other than their personal "email addresses".

Again in this "cyber life" too we have some good deeds and some bad deeds. We wont indulge with that here as well. But Some unfateful day. It so happens that we are cutoff from our "second life". The reasons can be anything ranging from "i cant think of anything here" to going offline from the first life.

Imagine what kind of a havoc it causes. May be the effect is not felt at all. People might think, that the person has just gone lazy and stopped blogging. Open source project group might think the person has lost interest and might scrap away the proj, or might clear you off from the project.

But as the soul is still there and its just the shell has worn out, The Email accounts still exist, though active only for 6 months in most cases. Receiving our mails, as if nothing has happened. Locking in all our secrets, our passwords, the only links to all the websites we maintain, links to the blogs we maintain, Links to all those friends we made in our lifetime. At least a person from your "second life" that you would like to inform that you are no more.

There should be some way around this, isn't it. I have read about how a guy tries to tackle the problem, the suggestion was to give all your "second life" passwords in your "will". But the guy also discusses the only side effect ;)

The side-effect being that your family/friends will get to know of all your darkest secrets from your "Second life". The sites you visit, the profiles you have etc etc. There can be many facets which you don't want your family/friends to know is it ;)

But some how this is a very interesting problem that has to be solved yet. "Once you are incapable of attending your cyberlife" how do you settle your accounts with that part of your life. How can you let all your friends know that you will not be online any more, what would be the fateful destination of your blog!!! what will happen to that open source project of yours. Who will answer to all those scraps you receive on your profile :(

I know that this is not a very happy post, but if you think it in other terms it is not a sad post as well :)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Its All About the Money - 2

After a long time this topic has hit me again. Somehow it occurs to me what ever we do, how much ever we do is equated in the end to "how much we make" .. show me the money baby!

This post is partly inspired by this

Some how these days it is important as a son a relative a friend, that you are in the US of A or some distant place minting out dollars or pounds .. Doesn't matter what kind of work you do.. all that matters is, $#$%@#$

Partly can we really blame the people who have these kind of expectations??? This question quiet interestingly points fingers at us, who are connecting to this post. Are we being selfish of not going to the distant land, staying in India doing what ever you wanted to do ... Just for yourself????

                __                  __
               / /                  \ \
              / /                    \ \
          ---   --------     --------    ---
         /        ______)   (________        \
    -----     ----                   -----    ------
             (D___}                 {____@)
             (D___}                 {____@)
    _____    (D___}                 {____@)   ______
         \_______/                   \_______/

Well it some how seems to be like a chicken and egg problem ;) But this is the situation at the ground level where software engineers are the victims.. But The Problem With Money seems to be omnipresent. It is everywhere. Nothing can be done. Below is an interesting observation made by some guy long time ago on Slashdot.

There used to be a wonderful website that provides tabulature for budding guitarists, who couldn't figure out how a particular song has to be played. This website was a breeding ground for lot of such guitarists and a few of my friends including me used to be parasites at this site. This website was called or Online Guitar Archive over net ;)

Not to be misled by a fact, that playing such songs becomes an inspiration to create much more beautiful music.. and no one here is trying to actually moneterize on the Tabulature provided by that site.

Later on a bunch of guys, thought that this website was causing havoc with the artistes by grabbing away all their money and so this website has to be closed, once and for all. It might be a customary in Indian Cinema, that a poor hero finally wins the Rich man's daughter.. but not in real. This website to this day is still closed and on their home page is a slap at all those musicians, rock stars who wanted to revolutionize the world and bring one hood, brother hood ... my foot.

Below is one interesting post that i have seen on that particular discussion.

Right. What his 'representatives' are doing with his music seems to be the very antithesis of his philosophy. Indeed, recall the lyrics to Imagine:

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...


Ink in my brain has dried out, i cant think of anything else to write. So dropping my keyboard for now :)

PS: Thanks for appreciating my ascii art. It looked okie okie in notepad though. ;o)

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Believe i can fly...

Lot of thoughts going through my mind... i was thinking of writing something since Sunday... but couldn't write ...

All that is going in my head right now is the amazing song.. that i have missed to listen all these days... tis one is by R Kelly.. the OST to movie SPACE JAM titled "I Believe I can Fly"

here it goes... a copy paste from Ultimate Guitar

1. Verse:
C Fm
I used to think that i could not go on
C Fm
And life was nothing but an awful song
C Fm
But now I know the meaning of true love
C Fm
I'm kneeling on the everlasting lines

If I can see it
Then I can do it
If I just believe it
There's nothing to it

Chorus: (all lighters in the air!)
I believe i can fly
I believe i can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly


2. Verse
C Fm
See I was on the verge of breaking out
C Fm
Sometimes silence can seem so loud
C Fm
There are miracles in life i must achieve
C Fm
But first I know it starts inside of me oh oh

If I can see it
Then I can do it
If I just believe it
There's nothing to it

I believe i can fly
I believe i can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Facing highs and lows of life is the part which makes us human and being able to handle these situations and is what separates men from boys :)

No wonder that each and every one of us has passed through such situations, some of which we handled some of which we failed.
In all such situations, there is always an angel that helps us through. Be it a friend, family member, a team member or in some cases a total stranger. Most of the times we tend to forget that it is the "angels help" that acted like a shield protecting our candle of hope from all the external effects.

As the time passes the success/failure is what is remembered and we tend to forget everything else. This is a small recollection of how my angel was there for me in some of those situations.

Almost an year back there was a mail in our company asking for instrumentalists/musicians to gather for a new band in the office. Though i have played (tried to play) guitar for a long time i was hesitant to go. Was expecting a lot of people to turn up. One more reason being i was too shy to go there. So i did not respond to the mail. A few days after this mail incident, we have heard the band practicing in the cafeteria and was interested to go there. but still hesitation on my mind. then my Angel spoke "Lets go". He took me to the practice area which also was our Dorm. I was sitting there watching people play, looking at the Electric guitars lying around. I wasn't very used to looking at or playing electric guitars in Live at that time ;)

After they have finished playing a song, my angel came out again "Go and play", and there i was a bit shy, scared, with butterflies in my stomach took the guitar from some person and started playing "Hotel California". i was kind of okie with the playing. I was officially in to the group.

The practice sessions started, and being a shy person was not able to attend the practice sessions alone, so again a call for my angel and there he was, accompanying me to the practice sessions. Always encouraging me though i was pretty bad at playing.
When ever he says you are good i know in my mind that im playing it the worst, but his encouragement is what landed me on to the stage, my first full blown performance on the stage. (Previous encounters in another post)

Similar was the case with the second stage performance too, and without his help i wouldn't have made it on to the stage, and called my self a band member ;o)

There were a lot of situations where he was always with me. I will not be able to recollect all of them. But here is the most recent one.

This one is regarding the Sunfeast 10k Marathon. Me and my friend were going to gym since a few months, working out together and trying to stick to the plan :) I'm kind of a weak person, physically though with not much of physical activities. and one day he said there is a 10k run in Bangalore register maadi. And i went in to a thinking stance, can i make it, will i be able to run... and was also thinking on the after effects of the run.

While i was in my 12th i had a jogging adventure, went out with a friend of mine (a physically fit guy) he mad me run like anything and after a while all i know was the earth revolving around, feeling like throwing out etc etc. This is the misadventure that kept me away from running.

So this guy made me thinking should i go or not, I was hesitating also as i was worried that i will slow my friend down in the race. Finally after all the hesitation, registered for the run. I practiced with him for a couple of days and we both successfully made through the 10k marathon.

This is a small thank you for my friend Vamsi aka Krish, thanks for always being there for me. And may god give you the best in what ever you do.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Clean and Green" or "Clean the Green"

A few days back i was passing through CMH road after a long time, and was feeling something was different. Initially i couldn't get what the change was but there was something significantly different. Some emptiness which i could feel.

as i crossed Arya samaj it clicked to my mind that there used to be huge trees on either sides of the road which used to give lot of shade, and protect people when it drizzles. All the trees were missing.. when i keenly observed i can see the amputated trunks of those huge trees and there was a sharp pain in my heart. Why is man doing such things. Can the Bangalore Corporation grow such a tree again!!!! not one not two they have cleaned up all the trees on the whole stretch... either sides.

Somehow i wished i could have clicked a photo or two earlier just as a suvonier to the future generations that Bangalore in the year 2007 though overly populated and spoiled.. it was much better than the present days.

Will take a few snaps at least now, before the metro rail takes over the scene.

I have visited Bangalore as a child, Before coming to Bangalore 2 years ago i had the same old Bangalore in my mind which i have seen as a child. I could remember the talks of how it never used to sweat in Bangalore. How the summers were really cool than the rest of cities. How green the city was with trees on both sides. how it was called a garden city.

I know the city planners are working hard to get the city to a meaningful destination, but can only hope things they are doing are not just fund raising deeds for a few contractors.

But development at the cost of nature, is it really necessary? cant we have a workaround for solving the problems? I'm not good at solving this problem, its a major issues which needs to be considered from all the aspects and then acted upon. Hope cutting all those trees was a well thought decision else... its us who will be suffering in the coming future.

Feel Like God...

March 14, 2008

Today i got my Avenger delivered. I have opted for a Black Avenger. Its 200cc Oil Cooled. It looks Cool and i call it the "Black Pearl" ;)

Suddenly in the morning i get a call from the showroom asking me to come and collect the bike, after almost a 20 days of wait i went to collect my bike. Had lot of work in the office, so had to take the bike and come back to office :(

When the bike was ready for delivery the showroom guy gave me a shocking news... i cant drive above 45kmph till the first service :(

Saturday got the pooja done for the bike at the temple near my house. didnt do much on the first day.

Sunday went to Koramangala for some work.. and to my surprise.. people were still turning their heads for an avenger, Somebody even asked me at a Signal light about the price mielage etc ;)
Comeon guys, you have a new bike and you get this kind of treatment on the road... it really makes you "Feel like God"

At times i race the bike, but staying below 45 ;) the drag feels amazing you need to drive to know how it feels :)

i have only driven 150 on the bike yet, will get the first service done after the prescribed 30 days. After that will plan for some outings on the bike :)

Till then... 45 is the Limit ;)

PS: I havent checked the Mileage yet

Friday, February 15, 2008

Butterfly Effect... ;)

Rajesh is walking down the stairs in Cyber towers, there's a couple walking upstairs. The man seems to be well groomed, handsome more like a newly married youngster ;) and the lady, she seems to be a Mallu Christian. Strange thought Rajesh to himself, why is he thinking so much about the people he doesn't even know.

"Hi Rajesh" said that man, Startled Rajesh stars thinking... "who is this man, how does he know my name", then the man interrupts him again and says "You are Rajesh right? a few days back we have met in the Software Conference...", recollecting who he was Rajesh thought "Damn... i keep forgetting people i met.. so embarrassing... ". Placing a forceful smile on his face, greets him with a warm shake hand and says "Hey Prabhu, how are you doing pal!". Prabhu as if he recollected something hits his head with his hand and introduces the lady with him, meet my wife Varunavathi. We got wed a few days back. She is a mallu. "Hi" said Rajesh thinking in his mind "Damn.. i guessed it right! she is a mallu indeed". Interrupting Rajesh's thoughts, Prabhu says "Man i don't have your number, we need to be in touch.... let me give you my number" and reaches for his pocket.


It is a Grand Villa type house in a posh locality, Grand lawn and a fresh looking house, with marble flooring and plush interiors Rajesh is sitting in his Expensive looking sofa and watching FRIENDS on his grand Samsung plasma TV. Suddenly the Phone starts ringing in his pocket. Rajesh takes the phone out and with a confused look talks to himself "What the heck!! whose phone is this.. i don't recognize this phone", while thinking this he suddenly realizes that the phone he is holding in his hand is looking out of the world. Yellow Oval shaped phone with Black stripes in between, with evenly laid buttons. It is looking as if it was some alien gadget he remembers seeing in some Hollywood flick. The phone starts to ring with higher tone, and brings Rajesh back from his imagination.He pushes the blinking button by the side, and with a whoosh sound a bright looking display pop's up showing Prabhu as the caller. Rajesh picks up the phone, Prabhu is sounding a bit hurried. He says "Rajesh, I don't have much time now... I have been trying to reach you since morning but couldn't get you... Yesterday instead of giving you my mobile number, i gave you my mobile itself. Please talk to my wife and handover the phone to her." Telling this Prabhu hangs the phone.

Wondering why Prabhu was sounding so hurried and worried, Rajesh tries to recollect the name of Prabhus wife, but he can not remember her name. The name sounded so typical that he couldn't get the name. Rajesh searched the whole of Phone book, but couldn't locate the number.
He calls back on the number form which Prabhu has called, but it says "Number out of service". He starts to get worried on how he can return the phone. Rajesh becomes restless and starts walking from one end of the room to the other. He is still trying to find the name in the address book, at the same time trying to recollect the name Prabhu told him on the stairs. He is now getting too much worried on how can he return the phone while cursing his forgetfulness. He couldn't stand the feeling of how is he going to handover the phone to Prabhus wife, when he could not even recollect her name. He starts walking towards Cyber towers, thinking he can find Prabhus wife there. Still trying to recollect her name, he increases his pace. Mr. Sundar from the next villa standing on the road along with his dog gives a surprising look at Rajesh, as to why he was almost running drenched in sweat. and with the same surprised look speaks out loudly "He could have taken his bike if he is in such an urgency". Rajehs almost crosses the road and something gets stuck to his foot and with a quick jerk he falls down.


Rajesh gets up, breathing heavily and sweat all over, not realizing where he was he turns his head all around. Finally realizing he is in his bedroom takes a breath of relief and looks at his watch. Its 6:30 in the morning.With a jerk he gets off his bead and rushes towards the Drawer to check for Prabhu's mobile phone, he couldn't find it there. He usually places all his belongings in the drawer itself. He Reaches for his jeans hanging on the door, yet nothing. he starts worrying as to where he placed the phone. "Damn... did it fell down on the road... " thinking of this he starts moving towards the hall and all of a sudden he starts to smile, and in a jump he reaches his bed and starts laughing loudly realizing it was just a dream.


The outline for this story is a dream that one of my friends had. I just tried to pen it in my way, guess people call it Artistic license ;)

But this kind of imagination only Nishant can have. Cheers dude :)