Monday, June 16, 2008

I Have Been Tagged.

The rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you - Vamsi Krishna
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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Here goes the 6 unspectacular quirks:

1. I Like to learn alot, Infact started learning a lot of things but most of the times drop it in between, some times as soon as i start ;)

2. I can open Locks with picks :) Inspired by james bond.

3. I always plan to tidy up my room next weekend :P

4. When i chat with some one, hmmmmm will occur more often than the actual text :)

5. I have a strange phobia to eat curd or pulpy items at places that iam not comfirtable with.

6. I like to drive bike very slowly at times, Intermediate Ring Road at 20-30k :)

Fellow Blogers that i would like to Tag. Sorry guys i could only get 2 bloggers :P Please continue to tag 6 bloggers :)

Nishant Shekar, Bhuvana, (Few more people whome i want to tag, but i dont want them to know ;) )

Friday, June 13, 2008


Its been long time that i have written. I get thoughts on a daily basis bit my work is not letting me do anything else. I keep working all day without thinking about anything, Come home with a headache and just sleep. Im not even able to continue learning what ever i have started.

That is a lot of cribbing, Will do something tomorrow.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Wikipedia says The terms afterlife or life after death refer to the continuation of existence of the soul, spirit or mind of a human (or animal) after physical death, typically in a spiritual or ghostlike afterworld.

There are many theories, spanning across all the civilizations about what happens to humans after death. Here are some of interesting destinations ;) that i have read somewhere. Here are some interesting theories :)
Good people go to heaven, Bad people go to hell.
There is abundant of food in both the places.
Both of these sects don't have elbows.

Since people in heaven are good, so they feed each other.
People in hell cant make friends, so they starve

Quiet interesting isn't it. Here is one more interesting quote from the Islam, these people have much more clear definitions of their dream destinations, of course after life.
The Islamic belief in the afterlife as stated in the Qur'an is unique, its official description is more detailed. The word used to describe Paradise in Islam is referred to as jannah and to describe Hell is jahannam. Jannah and Jahannam both have different levels. Souls will not get there until after the Judgment Day, but their level of comfort while in the grave depends on their belief in The God and hereafter, as well as their deeds during this life. The levels are 7 for Jannah and 5 for Hell.

After mentioning these quotes, i would like to present this quote, and i guess that you guys can easily relate where this comes from :)

Just as a man discards his old clothes and wears new ones; similarly the soul discards the old body and takes on a new one.

After reading through all this, you might be doubting why is this post going on, just feeding on the information from the Wikipedia. Here goes the part why i have actually started this post.

We live happily in this world, doing what ever deeds we do. I wouldn't tag them good deeds or bad deeds ;) as the amount of good is purely subjective.

Ok, coming to my point, we also do lot of things in our "other life", the "second life" or more clearly the "cyber life". We create many e-mail accounts, we manage our own websites, We register to a lot of mailing lists, We are part of Open Source projects, We create blogs, we have a lot of friends online whom we don't know personally other than their personal "email addresses".

Again in this "cyber life" too we have some good deeds and some bad deeds. We wont indulge with that here as well. But Some unfateful day. It so happens that we are cutoff from our "second life". The reasons can be anything ranging from "i cant think of anything here" to going offline from the first life.

Imagine what kind of a havoc it causes. May be the effect is not felt at all. People might think, that the person has just gone lazy and stopped blogging. Open source project group might think the person has lost interest and might scrap away the proj, or might clear you off from the project.

But as the soul is still there and its just the shell has worn out, The Email accounts still exist, though active only for 6 months in most cases. Receiving our mails, as if nothing has happened. Locking in all our secrets, our passwords, the only links to all the websites we maintain, links to the blogs we maintain, Links to all those friends we made in our lifetime. At least a person from your "second life" that you would like to inform that you are no more.

There should be some way around this, isn't it. I have read about how a guy tries to tackle the problem, the suggestion was to give all your "second life" passwords in your "will". But the guy also discusses the only side effect ;)

The side-effect being that your family/friends will get to know of all your darkest secrets from your "Second life". The sites you visit, the profiles you have etc etc. There can be many facets which you don't want your family/friends to know is it ;)

But some how this is a very interesting problem that has to be solved yet. "Once you are incapable of attending your cyberlife" how do you settle your accounts with that part of your life. How can you let all your friends know that you will not be online any more, what would be the fateful destination of your blog!!! what will happen to that open source project of yours. Who will answer to all those scraps you receive on your profile :(

I know that this is not a very happy post, but if you think it in other terms it is not a sad post as well :)