Friday, February 15, 2008

Butterfly Effect... ;)

Rajesh is walking down the stairs in Cyber towers, there's a couple walking upstairs. The man seems to be well groomed, handsome more like a newly married youngster ;) and the lady, she seems to be a Mallu Christian. Strange thought Rajesh to himself, why is he thinking so much about the people he doesn't even know.

"Hi Rajesh" said that man, Startled Rajesh stars thinking... "who is this man, how does he know my name", then the man interrupts him again and says "You are Rajesh right? a few days back we have met in the Software Conference...", recollecting who he was Rajesh thought "Damn... i keep forgetting people i met.. so embarrassing... ". Placing a forceful smile on his face, greets him with a warm shake hand and says "Hey Prabhu, how are you doing pal!". Prabhu as if he recollected something hits his head with his hand and introduces the lady with him, meet my wife Varunavathi. We got wed a few days back. She is a mallu. "Hi" said Rajesh thinking in his mind "Damn.. i guessed it right! she is a mallu indeed". Interrupting Rajesh's thoughts, Prabhu says "Man i don't have your number, we need to be in touch.... let me give you my number" and reaches for his pocket.


It is a Grand Villa type house in a posh locality, Grand lawn and a fresh looking house, with marble flooring and plush interiors Rajesh is sitting in his Expensive looking sofa and watching FRIENDS on his grand Samsung plasma TV. Suddenly the Phone starts ringing in his pocket. Rajesh takes the phone out and with a confused look talks to himself "What the heck!! whose phone is this.. i don't recognize this phone", while thinking this he suddenly realizes that the phone he is holding in his hand is looking out of the world. Yellow Oval shaped phone with Black stripes in between, with evenly laid buttons. It is looking as if it was some alien gadget he remembers seeing in some Hollywood flick. The phone starts to ring with higher tone, and brings Rajesh back from his imagination.He pushes the blinking button by the side, and with a whoosh sound a bright looking display pop's up showing Prabhu as the caller. Rajesh picks up the phone, Prabhu is sounding a bit hurried. He says "Rajesh, I don't have much time now... I have been trying to reach you since morning but couldn't get you... Yesterday instead of giving you my mobile number, i gave you my mobile itself. Please talk to my wife and handover the phone to her." Telling this Prabhu hangs the phone.

Wondering why Prabhu was sounding so hurried and worried, Rajesh tries to recollect the name of Prabhus wife, but he can not remember her name. The name sounded so typical that he couldn't get the name. Rajesh searched the whole of Phone book, but couldn't locate the number.
He calls back on the number form which Prabhu has called, but it says "Number out of service". He starts to get worried on how he can return the phone. Rajesh becomes restless and starts walking from one end of the room to the other. He is still trying to find the name in the address book, at the same time trying to recollect the name Prabhu told him on the stairs. He is now getting too much worried on how can he return the phone while cursing his forgetfulness. He couldn't stand the feeling of how is he going to handover the phone to Prabhus wife, when he could not even recollect her name. He starts walking towards Cyber towers, thinking he can find Prabhus wife there. Still trying to recollect her name, he increases his pace. Mr. Sundar from the next villa standing on the road along with his dog gives a surprising look at Rajesh, as to why he was almost running drenched in sweat. and with the same surprised look speaks out loudly "He could have taken his bike if he is in such an urgency". Rajehs almost crosses the road and something gets stuck to his foot and with a quick jerk he falls down.


Rajesh gets up, breathing heavily and sweat all over, not realizing where he was he turns his head all around. Finally realizing he is in his bedroom takes a breath of relief and looks at his watch. Its 6:30 in the morning.With a jerk he gets off his bead and rushes towards the Drawer to check for Prabhu's mobile phone, he couldn't find it there. He usually places all his belongings in the drawer itself. He Reaches for his jeans hanging on the door, yet nothing. he starts worrying as to where he placed the phone. "Damn... did it fell down on the road... " thinking of this he starts moving towards the hall and all of a sudden he starts to smile, and in a jump he reaches his bed and starts laughing loudly realizing it was just a dream.


The outline for this story is a dream that one of my friends had. I just tried to pen it in my way, guess people call it Artistic license ;)

But this kind of imagination only Nishant can have. Cheers dude :)