Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just a Thought

I have joined a new company.. Traingin is under progress.. work is going on good. Iam actually enjoying the work for the moment unlike my previous one.

Training will be officially over tomorrow, there is a party at Taj ;o)

I have received a Portable hard Disk Drive as a gift from MicroSoft. I was very happy that i won the prize. Sounds good. I was very happy, that i have 80 gigs which i can use to transfer data from place to place, this too is good.... but. the sadest part is that iam not able to configure that hard disk with any of the XPsp2 Systems...

Gift by Microsoft not working on Microsoft OS ;o)

actually the disk is supposed to work out of the box.. but... lets see how long will it take to get it working.

Has seen KANK yesterday.. it was a mixed feeling watching that movie, sad, happy, confused.

rather iwas confused why rani was not happy with her marriage. have to confirm with some one. In the first place, when she has the choice to accept or reject the marriage she should have rejected it if she was not willing... any wayz.. its her life ;o)

I want to start practicing guitar again.. it has been really long that i seriously practiced. This time i need to concentrate on my vocals also.

Today iam going to make an agreement for a new house, will change to taht house this weekend.

will stop for now...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is just the begining

This is Just the begining, more to come... lot to see...