Friday, September 15, 2006


Most of the times, Time is an interesting factor. Time heals wounds, time gives maturity, time does a lot of things. I wanted to post some serious issues in the past two days, but i deffered it and now i dont feel like posint them.

may be its for good, that in the due course of time, everything is settled. So let those posts be unknown, unwritten and forgotten.

Started practicing guitar, but need a teacher to learn from. Searching for one, all these years of bad habits in guitaring that i aquired, have to be taken care off...

Yesterday a friend of mine introduced me to his friend, that guy is a guitarist. Thought i can pick some things from him, so that i can improve my guitaring skills. Had a really great time yest. Hope i will learn alot from now on.

It was yesterday i played the electric guitar, I did hold it once at rickys place, but this was the first time that i actually played it. it was sounding so cool.

Monday, September 11, 2006

At Last......

At a new house, a 3bhk near the office for 10k, welll no comments over the price, but the house is good. lots of air and light. some greenery out of my window. lots of clouds, hmmm.. i love to watch clouds.. waiting to get the camera and click some. will post very soon... but, i cant get my camera to the office :( Sandy should help me out here.

Coming to the house, It is really spacious and cool. Yest night i cooked food in the house. want to start my kitchen soon.

planning to start guitar practice from today, lets see if i can devote 15-30 minutes for the guitar practice.

thiught of writing much more today, but time has passed by in a fly. will try to do something tomorrow.

Friday, September 08, 2006

YACS 1.0 - Yet Another Cribb Story

Project is assigned, started reading the documents. Its good to start some work... once i start readng i will get in to work soon. The only thing that is worrying me is finding a house..

any one who knows abouta good 1bhk do let me know .. i want to shift my house as soon as possible.

first i was searchign for a 1bhk, the moment when i was about to change the house, with some turn of events, i again started searching for a 2bhk.. and that is still going on. We got a 3bhk yest but the price was way beyond our limits.. it was costing 14k .. but the house was worth it.. i will not blame the owner....

instead of paying 12k for small cubicle rooms, that house was what ever was extra.

well... the moral of the story is that iam still in search.. i just want to change the house and have some peace of mind.... well.. lets see how things are going to change.....

today will be the lst day for my search.. after this iam going to take a break.

lots and lots of cribbing... but this is the sad story of a poor gu :(

well... on to the postive note, the work that i have got is good and hope to pick it up fast.

I hope i will write somethign creative in the days to come, once the overheads on my head are done and i will get some spare time for my self.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kahani GHAR GHAR ki

While i was a child, i was always told, that once i pass my board exams i can relax and enjoy. I used to be so happy about that, then came the 12th... i was told again taht once the exams are over, i will be free to enjoy.... then came the graduation... no one promissed this time.. but i felt that the tougher days are gone..... i entered job... instead of me being free.. the struggle converted its schedule to a daily basis.... i went for my higher education... this time i knew that its not going to be over... iam in.. i should be game...

now that i have accepted the harsh realities of life... iam a happy man... not waiting for some thign to come by where i can sit and enjoy... i know that i have to find happiness in everyday struggle, in the moments that are passing by. Realizations have to come from within.. no one can explain or induce realizations in to others...

how good it would have been if we can really understand the meaning and implications of what others are trying to tell us.

Google Code jam is starting today, but the timings are not so comfirtable. Have to see how it can be managed.

Search for the house is still going on... The brokers are irritating me to an extent, that i have also joined the lot who would like to search the house on their own. Extreme prices of rents in bangalore, as far as i feel are due to these brokers. And for bachelors to get a decent house in an affordable price is getting so hard. Yesterday i felt that its just the brokers who are making things worse... the reason, i will write tomorrow or the day after.

Coming to houses in bangalore, i dont know how they build their houses... just for the sake of rent, a spacious (adequately spacious) house, is split in to more rooms. Most of the houses that i have seen are like this

2B/R (read 1 BR house split to two)
with hall (most part of the hall being used in our B/R),
Kitchen (This is the worst part, kitchen in front of bathroom/toilet, or Toilet ventilator opening in to the kitchen). god, what kind of a house is that... when i asked a house owner of the same, he tells me.. that the ventilator is optional if you want i will close it..

All this for just 10,000. For me 5000 was the maximun rent that my family has paid to a houe owner.. that too for a 1400 sft, 3BR, marble flooring, spacious, Prime locality Appartment.

When i compare this with the house i am staying in for double the amount.. i feel like i want to leave bangalore and go else where.. but ... i have to stay in bangalore... its the choice that i have made and i have to stand by it.

this seems to be a cribb, but its just the pain that is coming out of my heart, as i stay in the "rented house" (Stress on the quotes) day after day.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Its all about the Money....

Final day of the training. Such a relief, but there i am a lot tensed to find out which division has been alloted to me.

Sometimes, when in total confusion and doubt we enter a very unexpected behaviour where anything that comes your way is much better.

whether you are trying to make a career decission, choose a department, choose a technology that you want to work on.

coming on to technology, i really am a confused soul, iam good at ideas, i do get some good ideas, i do work on them hard, and most of the times i do realize... but one thing that always haunts me is that, am i just BOGUs!!! do i know anything.. can i do anything..

not to forget the things i have done... but past always gets out of the way and dissatisfaction takes the place of excitement.. am i good, how good iam.

I have been really trying to find out whether iam focussed on my carrer path. Do we need to follow a strict path to be a good wrker...
I have always believed in taking the path less walked.. I always took the extra efforts to learn new things... and after so many years, what i see when i turn back is a very adhoc jumping of technologies as quoted by one of my frnds... but really is that so???

I know that given a technologt, i can pick it up and work on anything. i can give better results than an average person. But, this is my strength that makes me unique, lets me to thik beyond the technology... but no one needs that. no one really cares... what every oe cares really is money.

MONEY.. MONEY... today P told me that iam jealous of the salary P is getting... good. good going... why is that people just have to look at money... i want peace i want to do some thing for people, i want to do somethign that will be useful for the mankind... while iam focussed on what i want... i dont really care for what others want or think... STILL i get effected by the MONEY MINDEDNESS of others...

god help me, support me... make me strong enough to fight with this world which is more inclined towards money than on to anything else.