Monday, September 15, 2008

Feel Like God :P

I was waiting at a signal near the entrance of the Koramangala to Domulur Intermediate ring road. There is a guy on pulsar honking.. though there is a red light. Gave him way so that he can go ahead.

There goes the green light, and i was planning a 100+ on the Rind Road. I thought i will cross the pulsar and let loose the Black Pearl. 100.... 110.... and it was still going great... i gave a little more gas and i was reaching 120 :O at this time i was almost near the Pulsar fella..... I was a little adventurous and gave a little more accelerator.... and went till 125Kmph... At this moment i started to feel a little scared and stopped. And i couldnt believe my self.... 125kmph on my Avenger.

Its an Awesome feeling :)