Friday, October 20, 2006


The day was approaching and was still apprehensive of what was in store. All the papers were ready.. but we were in confusion how the work will go on as we were pretty new to the work, and were still in the study phase. but preperations are going on and discussions are going on.

I dont know why i dont like my "God Father" very much, he doesnt appeal, when ever i try to see a leader in him i just get disappointed.. dont know how long i will have to bear him. in my view a leader should be inspiring, should be a constant motivator, appreciating the ideas, though not implementing all of them. but godfather sucks. First thing is that he doesnt understand most of the things. i dont expect him to know, but he should atlease try. just try.

well i just compromised on somethings so that things will go smooth and this will be bearable for me too. Didnt even get to visit any of the places nearby, visited Seoul Grand park. That too didnt see it completely, that park was so huge that we could only cover a minor part of it. One of the things of this trip that will stay on my mind for long is the korean junk food, any guesses .. its Octopus, they were selling them like mad, and even small kids were eating them as if they were choclates or lollipops. Remember one of those scenes from MIB, where the alean wearing human skin opens his mouth and tentacles coming out of his mouth.
Also the smell was really unbearable. This trip was there on my mind for a almost a week. Apart from this the rest of trip was good.

I have had some strong feeling that all the bad publicity, is all because of people in india not being good at work, they are not dedicated workers.. and just want to finish off the work. What i have seen from the motherland people is that they are concentrated on their product, their work... and since they are so tough on quality, people from india are not able to comprehend their enthu for the betterment of product and just think bad of them. If i were responsible for the work, i would have really appreciated and reacted positively instead of just finishing off and sending the work back. Also the number of reviews that are given for work done by indians is that the work is sent back substandard.

well these are all my views, and the result of my understanding of the scenario that i have observed. No one is responsible for whatiam writing otherthan me.

I liked the passion of motherland people, and that is the reason for their growth.

Coming to thepoint of hardwork, i recently came to know that children in korea study from morning 8 to 10 in the night. and that is not all, they further have study hours, and a typical student who wishes to go to any university can only get to sleep for 3 hrs a day.

Is that all required, if it is required, the educations sytem of india, is it enough. Or these people are over working..

welll i will leave that to them.

i will be returning back home in another week or so. Waiting for the day to leave. Its been enough staying heere.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Me in Korea, iam on travel quicker than expected, we came here for a project. it has been 2 weeks that i came here and we have just visited one place, Seoul Grand Park.

will write more about the travel adevntures later.

Though its just 2 weeks, im feeling like ages, i just want to go back home. Relax for a while and make a startup ;o)

dont know what iam going to do, but lets just wait till i do it.

Iam just junking around as my photos are being uploaded.

Today is a sunday, but i will have to go to office and work :( this is the sadest part of being Onsite.

Hope i will get some quality time around and some trips to near by places.