Friday, August 06, 2010


I have got a new camera and experimenting with photographs... and recently saw this blog about thursday photography. thanks to vee. The theme for this week is Outdoors.

Clicked right out of my room's window :). its a little overexposed toward the top, but sun was rising in the morning .. i did not know how to control that :)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The day it rained...

That day it rained, the day my heart spilled blood in vein
never I thought, I would have to hide my fears and pain
that day I knew, my love would never come back again
the day it rained, to wash away tears in rain

filled with pain, I realized I have lost the game
wiping the tears, that would never seize to flow
holding my head, realizing the mistakes i have made
That day I knew, my love would never come back to me again

that day it rained, to hide the tears of pain
not knowing ever, if i would find love again
walking through the darkness, heart filled with pain
the day it rained, to wash away tears in rain

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Six String Wodden Box.

should have done it or should i not
hope seems to me like a vanishing star
nothing seems to be working out
life is lost in bitter love
betrayal is the name of la belle dame

distant land is just a hop away
when it comes in to my hands
gets out melody even out of tune
sounds like heaven, feels like god
six string wooden box called guitar

wanted life to be like my guitar
sounding right in the lowest of times
lowest note begins a new octave
getting life out of every lows
six string wooden box called guitar

makes me forget the simplest fact
iam part of this complex world
caring seems to be like life on mars
acting like a candle of hope so bright
six string wooden box called guitar


saw you as a kid, saw you as a boy
saw you in every walk of life
ammoru or antahpuram
you were the brightest of all

learning that you are no more
my heart weeps in pain
why did you go for politics
a question lingers in vein

from the moment i knew the news
always thought it should not be you
thunder strikes no matter what
we have to accept the scoop

the fact we have to stand
no more can we see you act
you are the one sweetest to god
may your soul rest in truce

Wrote this long back when Soundarya met with the tragic accident.

Hope it will be you.

I need someone to make me smile
and make my day bright,
I need someone to cherish me
and light up my night.

I need someone to help me through
the days that I feel sad,
I need someone to support me
and make me feel glad.

I need someone to give me Love
and someone who will care,
I need someone with Dreams and Hopes
that I can also share.

I need someone to comfort me
when I am feeling blue,
I need someone to cheer me up
and hope it will be You!