Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Clean and Green" or "Clean the Green"

A few days back i was passing through CMH road after a long time, and was feeling something was different. Initially i couldn't get what the change was but there was something significantly different. Some emptiness which i could feel.

as i crossed Arya samaj it clicked to my mind that there used to be huge trees on either sides of the road which used to give lot of shade, and protect people when it drizzles. All the trees were missing.. when i keenly observed i can see the amputated trunks of those huge trees and there was a sharp pain in my heart. Why is man doing such things. Can the Bangalore Corporation grow such a tree again!!!! not one not two they have cleaned up all the trees on the whole stretch... either sides.

Somehow i wished i could have clicked a photo or two earlier just as a suvonier to the future generations that Bangalore in the year 2007 though overly populated and spoiled.. it was much better than the present days.

Will take a few snaps at least now, before the metro rail takes over the scene.

I have visited Bangalore as a child, Before coming to Bangalore 2 years ago i had the same old Bangalore in my mind which i have seen as a child. I could remember the talks of how it never used to sweat in Bangalore. How the summers were really cool than the rest of cities. How green the city was with trees on both sides. how it was called a garden city.

I know the city planners are working hard to get the city to a meaningful destination, but can only hope things they are doing are not just fund raising deeds for a few contractors.

But development at the cost of nature, is it really necessary? cant we have a workaround for solving the problems? I'm not good at solving this problem, its a major issues which needs to be considered from all the aspects and then acted upon. Hope cutting all those trees was a well thought decision else... its us who will be suffering in the coming future.

Feel Like God...

March 14, 2008

Today i got my Avenger delivered. I have opted for a Black Avenger. Its 200cc Oil Cooled. It looks Cool and i call it the "Black Pearl" ;)

Suddenly in the morning i get a call from the showroom asking me to come and collect the bike, after almost a 20 days of wait i went to collect my bike. Had lot of work in the office, so had to take the bike and come back to office :(

When the bike was ready for delivery the showroom guy gave me a shocking news... i cant drive above 45kmph till the first service :(

Saturday got the pooja done for the bike at the temple near my house. didnt do much on the first day.

Sunday went to Koramangala for some work.. and to my surprise.. people were still turning their heads for an avenger, Somebody even asked me at a Signal light about the price mielage etc ;)
Comeon guys, you have a new bike and you get this kind of treatment on the road... it really makes you "Feel like God"

At times i race the bike, but staying below 45 ;) the drag feels amazing you need to drive to know how it feels :)

i have only driven 150 on the bike yet, will get the first service done after the prescribed 30 days. After that will plan for some outings on the bike :)

Till then... 45 is the Limit ;)

PS: I havent checked the Mileage yet